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About GHP

More than just a pawn shop, GHP was built on the idea of getting the best value with the least limitations. Founded by owner Tom in the 1980s, we learned early on that the best business model was to out-pay and out-perform the competition. Tom originally worked in bail bonds, moving on to the pawn business and eventually deciding to open up his own shop.

Across 30 years of serving customers in Fairfield County and the surrounding communities, we've built a reputation as a reliable destination to buy and sell. From scooters to top-performing video game consoles, we make it easy to find the items you want — and the get the cash you need to make ends meet. With us on your side, there's no stress, no mark-ups, and no extra effort to the process. Just bring in your hand-me-down jewelry, electronics, or shopping list and see the difference we can deliver over traditional retail stores.

Golden Hill Pawn Shop, LLC


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